Aggigator – a warm welcome…

I have decided to keep a blog.  An Aggigator blog.

I never really properly knew what a blog was, all I knew was that a person writes about stuff… and that’s pretty much all I knew.  Words, words, words, pictures, words… And nothing else. Endo. Finito. But little did I know of how much steam you can let off, from being a frustrated kettle, screaming and yelling, to a calm whispering kettle that makes an amazing cuppa!

Not long ago, I also decided that I will grow up (well, in my mind too – I was growing up anyway!). From making coffee to doing the dishes, from feeding Pirate (my one-eyed goldfish) to setting us up for dinner – whatever it was, I was up for it. It was all so exciting: being treated like a proper grown up, not being LAUGHED AT whenever I tried to make my parents laugh. Yes, that’s AT, not with. But I felt like I was ready!

  • Secondary School? Check, that’s pretty grown up.
  • Doing well in classes? Yep, sorted.
  • Babysitting my cousins? Of course!

By now, my maturity meter was flying out through the roof – apart from one thing.                                                                            All my energy, where was it going to go? My awkwardness? My crazy streak? My TOYS?! I wasn’t sure if growing up would take it all away, I needed some place to store it.

So welcome to my new Aggigator blog, and see you soon.

Agata xx



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