2015 Already

Ok, I don’t think I have to say that much apart from OH MY DAYS! It’s 2015 already! It seems like only a week ago that we were welcomed in 2014. They say time flies.. But no, it doesn’t fly it just goes by really really quickly. Please give this post a like if you agree that time goes by way too fast and it should just slooooow down.

Also, on the topic of new year…

Every year at school everyone was forced to make new year’s resolutions in class, however bored, tired, or just not freaking bothered we were. And all those years I was bored, tired and not bothered about these stupid resolutions becuase I knew I’d keep none of them anyway! For example…

  • Give up chocolate? Umm, no way.
  • Excersise every day? Yeah, I’ll try… but no.
  • Learn a new instrument? I can never be bothered!
  • Don’t fight with my brother? I mean, come on, I failed this year already.

See. this is what I mean. Please say that I’m not the only one like this! It’s not that I don’t want to keep to that resolution, or that I don’t care about these things, but I’m the kind of person who would rather sit on her laptop all day, go out with friends, or just do something totally random than do something that, quite frankly, I don’t want to do. I know there’s someone else like this there, so please like, comment, or follow for more posts.

Bye and Happy New Year! xxx


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