Sibling Rivalry

Brothers and sisters suck. We all know that and can admit it so easily. They take your stuff, play pranks, push all the wrong buttons and ALWAYS start the fight. While you’re innocently swimming in your own little sea, they come up like an angry, stupid and annoying shark and eat you up. Once, my brother was pulling hairs out my head and laughing at me – that was in a public shop – and my parents did nothing about it! Apparently it’s because he’s the “mature” one of us, but I seriously doubt he’s any more mature than a three-headed woodlouse. His addiction for Call Of Duty is off the limits and I hate it when he plays his songs sooo loud, or makes fun of my favourite T.V shows. He’s like a slithering, bothering, thundering snake – I’m sure many of you can relate to what I’m saying – and I can’t do anything to change him. His friends are like remote controls – they can change him from an annoying weirdo to an annoying “gangsta” weirdo.

But, when you think about it…

At least you have someone to talk to when nobody else will. Maybe if you’re on their good side, they’ll let you play their computer games or let you experiment with makeup. Maybe they will be on your side when your parents literally want to chop your phone up into one million and one pieces (probably not, but still). Maybe they’ll wave to you when they see you at school (my brother ususally just ignores me, or sometimes, if he can be bothered, he nods a tiny bit).

Yes, they mock you, and yes, they’re a right royal pain in ze backside, but without them, I guarantee that you wouldn’t be who YOU are today. I know that I wouldn’t be into music or have my very handy sarcasm. So I say thank you, and may the force be with you, siblings.

~ Aggigator xx